[Collection] Hetalia: The Beautiful World - Original Cells Book 
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Manufacturer: Frontier Works
Origins: Japan
Release Date:
11 September 2013
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The book has finally arrived! I was expecting something a little… more? But personally I still think it’s definitely better than the old animation art books for seasons 1-4. There’s a few pages for Prussia so I’m definitely happy with that - and oh wow, Australia! There’s even one for New Zealand, Netherlands, Turkey, Greece, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia and a few others beyond the main eight. I think 90% of Hetalia characters who showed up in season 5 got at least one page? 

I’ve only photographed some pages on friends’ requests. If I have time I might get some more up, but for now these will be it and I won’t be accepting any more requests. However, if you have any questions about the contents of the book (such as a specific character etc), then feel free to drop by and ask! 


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