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yahoo auctions are intense. starting price was 2980 yen and I was outbid at 5100 yen. wasn’t expecting it to be that high but the final bid ended up about roughly $130;;

contents of the book 

Yeah, I’m not surprised, to be quite honest. It sounds about right and makes sense since there wasn’t high stock and it’s in high demand due because of that - and especially since it hasn’t been on auction much and is hard to obtain at first and then even through second-hand uvu;; 

Prices depend on those factors and a variety of others such as supply/demand/auctions/how old or new item is, or sometimes it’s merely because some fans really really want the item and are okay with spending lots on it!





And my favourite example


About $300 for a cardboard coaster

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[Collection] Hetalia: Travel Lottery - Neck Pillow Speakers & Voice CD

Manufacturer: Compass; Frontier Works
Origins: Japan
Release Date:
8 February 2014
↳ Prussia neck pillow with inbuilt speakers, Prussia Voice CD

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Finally! It is here! These were super hard to get as it seemed that there were less produced? Then again, these were the highest tier prize in the lottery event too “OTL Still, on auctions, there were much less of it than I expected ;w; But in the end I finally managed to obtain one and gosh that makes me so happy. 

I haven’t yet opened up the CD;; and to be quite honest, I really don’t want to? Hopefully someone else will upload the CD. If not, I’ll keep an eye out on the CD on auctions and try to get a second copy that I can open and upload! 

[Meme] 30 Day Collectors Meme

This is an in general meme for any collectors and collections!

Feel free to do the meme however way you like. Photos or text, fill it in whichever way suits you best.  And, optionally, please tag it under ‘#30 Days Collector Meme’ so others can check it out!

Here we go:

  1. Please introduce what your collection is and how or why you got into it. 
  2. How long have you been collecting, and how frequently do you expand/add to it? (Optionally: How big is your collection now?)
  3. Do you collect exclusively for certain series, companies, brands, characters, or themes? (If not, is there any particular recurring theme/brand amongst your collection?)
  4. What was the first item you ever obtained for your collection?
  5. Where or how do you store your collection?
  6. Is the quality and/or condition of items a concern to you? And do you have any items that are slightly damaged or in poor condition?
  7. Do you keep items in their original packaging or have them on open display?
  8. Is any part of your collection incorporated into your everyday life in any way? 
  9. Where do you go to look for your items? Any favourite places?
  10. Are you concerned about authenticity, or are you open to bootlegs and replicas?
  11. Do you have an doubles or multiples of certain items? How did that happen?
  12. Do you sell or trade any items in your collection? Why or why not?
  13. Which item was the most expensive to obtain? 
  14. What is your most obscure, strange, or unique item?
  15. Any items that hold significant or sentimental value to you?
  16. Is there any signed items?
  17. What item was the hardest to obtain, and why?
  18. Do you own any rare or special/limited items? 
  19. Have you ever considered ending or quitting your collection?
  20. Do you own any unofficial items, fanmade, or from independent/personal stores or sellers?
  21. What was the luckiest find or bargain in your collection?
  22. Is there any item that you don’t particularly like yet still keep around?
  23. Do you have a dream item? If not, any wish-lists?
  24. Have you obtained any items on a whim, or accidentally came into ownership of?
  25. Is there any item that you did not expect to find or obtain but somehow managed to anyway? 
  26. As hard as it may be, what is your single favourite item?
  27. Is there an end goal for your collection, or do you think it’s possible for you to come to a ‘complete’ or stopping point to your collection?
  28. Do you keep an online list or any inventory/archiving of your collection?
  29. What are you most proud of in regards to your collection?
  30. And to end this off, please tell us a funny/memorable/or interesting story in regards to your collection.

[PREVIEW] Hetalia Doujinshi List - WIP

I am very slowly working on a doujinshi list for my APH doujinshi :”D 
I’ve only done about 87….. and I have about 300 or more to go…. ahahaha….. 

But here’s a preview of what’s in my collection! 

Warning: A number of images below read more


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[Shopping] Hetalia Fanmade Goods - Doujinshi & Doujinshi Goods

Stores: Comiket 85 Tables, K-Books
Purchase Date: December 29th (C85), January 2014

↳ 24x Doujinshi, 5x Fanmade Goods, 4x Fanmade Cards

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※ Click for larger view

I’m finally back from my Japan trip! Here are the doujinshi and fanmade goods I brought back. Most of these are from Comiket 85 in December, but some are also ones I got from K-Books (to be honest, I’m actually amazed I didn’t end up purchasing more, lol!)

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[Packages] Hetalia Fanmade Goods - Doujinshi & Doujinshi Goods

Received: 4th November 2013
Origins: Japan

↳ 25x Doujinshi, 9x Clearfiles, 2x Highlighter Pens, 1x Mousepad

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※ Click for larger view

I still haven’t been able to get time to finish editing photos for my mugs, but here are some quick snapshots of my doujinshi package that arrived two days ago. Most of the doujins are lovely, the mousepad and pens are cute, and the clearfiles are beautiful ;o;


And here’s a little something extra to follow up the first one.

Same rule applies: feel free to use but please leave credit/source intact and do not steal/edit/claim etc ;u;

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[GIF] Hetalia: Parody - Wrecking Ball ft. Prussia & Gilbird

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GIF Maker:
Original Video: Reibird - not uploaded online
Parody: Wrecking Ball
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[Packages] Hetalia Fanmade Goods - Germany & Prussia Mugs
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Received: 22nd October 2013
Origins: China

↳ 2x Mugs

My long await mugs are finally here — and best of all, they weren’t damaged during delivery! I tried to obtain both of them a few years prior but one of them broke and my set was just never complete;; I almost gave up on them but wow here they are - both of them - and I’m so happy! 

I’m too tired to report more on them, but once I’m fully rested and can find some spare time I’ll be sure to post the actual photos of the mugs up! They’re quite well known mugs anyhow, so maybe someone already recognises them by the box labels ;)

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[Photo] Attack on Titan - Colossal Titan Mug & Pen

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Manufacturer: Mug - COSPA, Pen - Gift
Origins: Japan
Release Date:
September 2013
↳ Colossal Titan B/W Wall Mug, Ballpoint Pen (0.7mm)

I haven’t quite started a collection with AoT so much as bought items I would actually use, lol. Normally my collection items are never used… so for now they’ll just be purchases instead of an official collection. Quite cute, aren’t they? I think I might just go use them by making myself a cuppa tea and starting on my Japanese essay!